Svityaz, Naberezhna street 118
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House 1
The two-storey house is designed for year-round recreation (there is heating).
The house on the ground floor has a kitchen (fully equipped). bathroom (shower, toilet), and one double room with TV and sofa.
On the second floor there are three double rooms with TV and sofa in each room. Bathroom (shower, toilet, washbasin).
In the private sector you can order a bath and bath in the tub.

Bathing in vats has been known in Europe since ancient times, vats are filled with cold water, stones are placed on the bottom. A fire is lit under the tub. The temperature in the tank is maintained at up to 40 ° C (for durable customers it is possible up to 45 ° C). At the same time in the tub can steam 6-8 people. In addition to simply cleansing the body, water also has a wonderful effect on overall tone, tones the skin well and saturates it through open pores with essential minerals, improves respiration and circulatory system.

Warming up in a bath leads to charitable change of a functional condition of bodies and systems of an organism, strengthening of a metabolism, promotes development of protective and compensatory mechanisms. This is due to the beneficial effects of heat and sweat on the cardiovascular ... respiratory, thermoregulatory and endocrine systems. The bath calms the nervous system. brings vitality, increases mental abilities.

Price per tub: 1st year 500 UAH, 2nd 200, and then 150 UAH

Price per bath: 3 hours for UAH 500

Price: 400 UAH per room / day

At your service
  • parking;
  • swing;
  • gazebo;
  • brazier;
  • WI-FI;
  • fishing;
  • boat
  • catamaran
  • wood
  • food order
  • exit to the lake directly from the yard
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  • Standard


  • Waterfront
  • WiFi
  • Food
  • parking
  • Pavilions
  • Sauna
  • Bowl
  • Autumn-Winter
  • Panoramic view
  • Private beach
  • Wood
  • Barbecue / BBQ
  • Swings
  • Family rooms

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  • Separate house
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