Naberegzna, 140 А

1680 переглядів
Volyn region, Shatsky district, Svityaz village, street Embankment, 140 A
+380977003803 - Nina +380679446112 - Bogdan

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  • WiFi
  • Playground
  • parking
  • Pavilions
  • Street furniture
  • Wood
  • Barbecue / BBQ
  • Accommodation:
    We offer rooms with different amenities.

    Quadruple double room.
    First floor.
    Hallway-kitchen: sofa bed, electric stove, refrigerator, sink, dishes.
    Bathroom: shower, toilet, washbasin.
    Second floor.
    Bedroom: double bed.

    Two-room quadruple room.
    Two rooms: a double bed and a TV.
    Bathroom: shower, toilet, washbasin.
    In front of the room there is a covered terrace with a summer kitchen and a dining area.

    Individual rooms in a two-storey building.
    Double or quadruple room: double bed or two one and a half.
    Shared kitchen: gas cooker, microwave oven, fridge, electric kettle, dishes.
    Shared bathroom: bath, toilet, washbasin and flush toilets on the street.

    Quadruple two-level room - 800 UAH / day.
    When settling two people - 600 UAH / day.
    Two-room quadruple room - 250 UAH / day per person.
    Separate rooms in a two-storey building - 170 UAH / day per person.

    We do not accept pets on vacation!

    At your service:
    fenced area,
    separate pier,
    grill grill,

    Nearby is a cultivated sandy beach, where it is convenient to swim with children.
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    Available rooms

    Quadruple double room

    4 guest
    • When settling two people - 800 UAH / day.
    • Tea set
    • Electric kettle
    • Cookware
    • Electric stove
    • Double bed
    • Folding sofa
    • Linens
    • Refrigerator
    • Kitchen / kitchenette
    • Bathroom

    Two-room quadruple room

    4 guest
    • From man
    • Double bed
    • TV
    • Dining area on the terrace
    • Linens
    • Kitchen / kitchenette
    • Bathroom
    • Terrace

    Individual rooms in a two-storey building

    • From man
    • Double bed
    • Linens
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