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095 364 35 40
- Tatiana

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from 150 hrn

for person

Private sector "Rodyna" is located 150 m. from the lake Svitjaz. It has a large fenced area. Next domesticated beach, fisherman's Corner, near which are an entertainment area, special stock markets, shops, cafes, nightclubs and attractions.



Separate rooms in a brick house. Available in two triple and double junior suites with amenities.

In each room in the junior suites a refrigerator, a TV set (satellite TV), a toilet. Economy room (fridge and TV). Shared bathroom (shower, WC). On each floor, there is a kitchen.

Shared kitchen (2 gas stoves, electric kettle, sink, dishes, сupboards cabinets and countertop for each room) for cooking.

The first and the second floor has a large terrace with wooden tables and benches.

Pets are forbidden!

Base ideal for a relaxing family holiday.


From 150 UAH/day per person,

Junior - 200-220UAH/day per person,

Children under 6 years free (if you do not need separate beds).

Extra bed available.

We offer:

  • WiFi;
  • parking;
  • large barrages area;
  • swing;
  • barbecues;
  • gazebo;
  • playground;
  • sandbox;
  • a boat;
  • close delicious and affordable cuisine (70m.).
Arrival across the street Nova , or 8 Bereznya.