Volyn region, Shatsky district, Illichivka (Lake Svityaz)
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Cottage "S.KAZKA" is located in the tract of Stupa (Illichivka), which is 4 km from the ridge and 3 km from the village of Pulmo. Under such conditions, you have a great opportunity to relax in complete peace and quiet, in the tract, the territory of which is guarded around the clock and take care of your coziness and comfort. At the same time, if desired, at a short distance, your holiday can be combined with numerous cafes, bars and discos.
Distance to the beach of Lake Svityaz - 100 m.


The territory of the cottage consists of a two-storey, completely wooden (beam) house and a large gazebo with a built-in TV, light, an additional table for light meals and the ability to use the outlet. The table and benches, which are under cover, are designed for about 8 adults.

The first floor of the house contains a large room - a hall with the opportunity to spend pleasant evenings by a cozy fireplace; kitchen equipped with everything necessary for cooking and storing food, such as refrigerator, stove, microwave, etc .; bathroom (shower, toilet and washbasin). From the first floor of the cottage there is an opportunity to go to the terrace, where there is a table and chairs.

On the second floor of the cottage there are almost equivalent 4 rooms, 2 of them - with access to the balcony, the other 2 - without, and a bathroom (toilet and sink). There is also a double bed, a chest of drawers and a bedside table in each room. However, each room has air conditioning and satellite TV, and all cottage windows have shutters.

If there are small children, a baby cot and an extra bed for adults are available.

Use of bed linen and towels is included in the price of the cottage.

In addition, there is an oven between the house and the gazebo, where you can cook in pots and / or cook kebabs, etc. There is a table right next to the stove, with the possibility of lighting the latter in the dark and a socket.

Fascinates with its grandeur and beauty a number of pines placed around the house, which also affects the wonderful atmosphere and the feeling of harmony in the soul.

Convenient parking with the possibility of accommodating 4 cars.

Not far from the cottage is a shop. On the beach - the opportunity to buy delicious donuts and / or eels.

For an additional fee:
  • boat rental (price is negotiable).

The cost of one day of rent a cottage:
Up to 31.05 - 2000 UAH / day.
From 01.06 to 31.08 - 2500 UAH / day.
Booking more than 5 days - significant discounts.
We do not accept pets on vacation.

Do not delay, call immediately and order a cottage "S.KAZKA", a fairy tale is guaranteed!
+380 67 362 3010
+380 50 869 1155
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  • parking
  • Pavilions

Available rooms


8 guest
  • Air conditioning
  • Refrigerator
  • TV
  • Bathroom
  • Kitchen / kitchenette
  • Electric kettle
4.67 – 1 reviews
Location – 4.0
Сleanliness – 5.0
Service – 5.0


almost 10 years ago

  • Location – 4
  • Сleanliness – 5
  • Service – 5

Дуже гарний будинок. Дуже приємні і порядні хазяї. Продумано все до дрібниць, наприклад, є фен і праска. Таке ми зустрічаємо вперше, хоча орендуємо житло для відпочинку кожного року. Опис відповідає дійсності.
Дуже великим плюсом є пляж. Людей небагато, навіть у вихідні багато вільного місця, ніхто нікому незаважає відпочивати один одному. Для порівняння, ми проїжджали повз село Світязь і їх пляж. Людей там стільки, що здається і присісти ніде. Місце ідеально підходить для тихого сімейного відпочинку.
Із негативу: без автомобіля буде важко. І добратися туди, і жити. Магазини нормальні аж у Шацьку, це десь 20 хв їзди. Там супермаркет, розкладки з овочами, фруктами, нормальні аптеки. У найближчому Пульмо можна купити хіба що хліба, молока і води. Але це проблема цього курортного району, а не одного села.
В цілому, залишилися дуже задоволеними і можемо рекомендувати іншим.

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