U Romanyuka
village Svitiaz str. Youth, 31 Get direction
050 930 22 95, 098 461 77 95 - Olga
(03355) 9-47-11
Advice provided to 22-00.

By calling the phone numbers provided, please tell they were found on the website shatsk.com.

from 100 hrn

per guest

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The farmstead "In Romaniuk" is located in the village Svitiaz distance to the lake Svitiaz - 400 m, near a shop.

House with sauna (1 double room, 1 room triple ) - suitable for 2 families, separate kitchen, gazebo in the triple room has a TV (satellite) and air conditioning. Sauna.

House with separate rooms (2 doubles rooms, 3 triple rooms, 1 four-bedroom ) - TV ( satellite TV), bathroom (toilet, shower), kitchen ( dishes, fridge, stove, microwave, table, and chairs ). Above-mentioned facilities are not in all rooms, which is reflected in the price.

The wooden two-storey house (ground floor one triple and one of four rooms on the second floor are two double rooms). The rooms double and single beds, satellite TV. In the house a fully equipped kitchen (gas cooker, oven, washing machine, fridge, kettle, all utensils), shower with hot and cold water, and toilet.

Hot water.
In the yard is a gazebo with oven and hob for cooking, as well as TV.

You can also remove the four convenient camping on the banks of Svitiaz (lake 100 m). Camping spot cooking stove. 
On the territory of garden furniture, barbecue, outside shower, large barrages area. 

The number above saunoy - from 100 - 120 UAH per person per night.
House with separate rooms - 170 UAH per person per day ( depending on conditions).
The wooden two-storey house - 120-150 UAH per person per night. 
Camping - 100 UAH per campsite per person (up to 4 adults).
Advice provided to 22-00.

At your service:
  • 3 pavilions;
  • gazebo with oven and hob for cooking;
  • BBQ;
  • parking;
  • bikes;
  • boat;
  • food;
  • sauna;
  • house bees (treatment).

House of the bees.
Through holes in the ceiling boards in room air pavilion stands, rich nectar scents of various herbs, essential oils, propolis. Natural aromatherapy sleep and promotes rapid healing of chronic lung disease of the nervous system. Quickly fatigue disappears.
Among the mechanisms of the positive impact of apitherapy treatments based on close contacts of patients with bees , are: the heat from the ceiling boards, heated by the heat of the human body and of bees, makes it possible to relax the back muscles, improves blood circulation, relaxes spasmodic plot m ' muscles in the pathology of the spine, which helps to reduce and then disappearance of pain; micro , which is transmitted through the ceiling board and felt the body of the patient: aromatherapy - Inhalation of aromatic substances - the nectar of various herbs, honey, propolis and other substances positively affects deep sleep, REM sleep, during which breathing deep, accelerated, contributing to the ingress of aromatic substances in the airways and manifests itself in marked bronchodilator effect ; interaction biofields bee colonies and man definitely has a positive effect - improves metabolism, promotes the process of repolarization of cells, enhance immunity, treatment of certain conditions (stress, fatigue ) and diseases of the nervous system, neurosis, epilepsy, situational psychosis.
As for diseases that are best treated in a way it is - diseases of the musculoskeletal system: the spine, joints and so on. Passing vulykoterapiyi in conjunction with the use of bee products and helping those who suffer from diabetes and liver disease. Also after " communion " with bees in humans improves the overall condition, there is an influx of vigor.
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