U Vasylya
Svitiaz, street Naberezhnaya, 53 Get direction
+380 67 787 2607, +380 99 760 5744 - Natalia (main)
+380 97 945 6372 - Basil (optional)

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from 100 hrn

per guest

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The private sector, "In Vasyl" invites you to a pleasant rest. Located in the village Svitiaz at a distance of 7-10 min. walk to the lake Svitiaz. Very large fenced and landscaped area. Near Svitiazke monastery.

Double, triple, quadruple rooms with different conditions and block type rooms for rent.

Double, triple, quadruple rooms: in each room beds, refrigerator, table and chairs.
Large shared kitchen (gas stove, electric stove, dishes, electric kettle, microwave, sink).
Two street toilets and one drain. Shared washbasin and shower.

Block-type rooms: corridor, two double rooms, balcony, bathroom, shower (hot and cold water), refrigerator.
The kitchen is shared (gas stove, electric stove, dishes, microwave, electric kettle).
On the ground floor next to each room is a wooden table with benches.

House with a Russian bath: two eight-bed rooms on the second floor, on the ground floor a Russian bath (up to 6 people), on firewood, with a bath, tables, benches, TV (satellite TV), shower (hot and cold water).

In the yard:
  • large covered dining room with TV (satellite TV),
  • tennis table and billiards in separate indoor areas,
  • well.

Double room - 300 UAH / day,
Triple room - 400 UAH / day,
Quadruple room - 500 UAH / day,
Block type room - 700 UAH / day,
House with a Russian bath -100 UAH / day per person.
Russian bath (up to 6 people) - 150 UAH / hour.

Prices from 15.06 to 15.08 other period the price is negotiable.

At your service:
  • parking,
  • gazebos,
  • swing,
  • playground,
  • horizontal bars,
  • fish pond (you can fish)
  • basketball hoop,
  • tennis table,
  • trampoline,
  • braziers,
  • billiards (for a fee),
  • boat rental,
  • firewood (for a fee).

Privatbank card number: 5363 5423 0927 9488 Shkleda Vadim
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Double room

  • refrigerator
  • electric kettle

300 hrn

Triple room

  • refrigerator
  • electric kettle

400 hrn

Quadruple room

  • refrigerator
  • electric kettle

500 hrn

Block type rooms

  • refrigerator
  • bathroom
  • electric kettle

700 hrn

House with a Russian bath

From the person

  • TV
  • bathroom

100 hrn

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