Park of active rest "Baza Verholaza"
Volyn region, Shatsky district, ur. Gushovo, opposite the entrance to the pansionat "Shatsky ozera". Show on map
Active recreation park "Baza Verholaza" invites all to the interesting and exciting entertainment! Here everyone will find something for yourself!

Rope Park - a new format of active and extreme recreation for children and adults from 3 to 103 years old, weighing up 90 kg. Passing the routs in the rope park gives you a lot of adrenaline and positive, it is an exellent training for all muscle groups,endurance, dexterity, ability to control your body as a way to overcome a fear of heights and develope self-confidence. The different complexity of the obstacles makes the rope park accessible to people of different ages and physical abilities.

Rent a doubl kayak. Lovers of the water element have the opportunity to have fun and unforgettable time on kayats.  You can visit the island on the lake Svityaz,  swim a narrow channel to the bay of Buzhnia or just swim in the deep waters of the lake for your pleasure.

Bicycles for rent. The park has a wide selection of bicycles for adults and children, also has cecle chairs for babies. Near is designed and marked cycling route through a pine forest with a lenght 5 km.

Karting on a cyclecars. Children from 3 to 13 years old can ride on Berg cyclecars along special path s with road signs, turns and tunnels. A good way to direct the inexhaustible energy of children in a useful direction.
SnookBall is a strange billiard, which is played with feet, scoring a soccer ball in the pocketson a huge billiard field.

КаvoHatka works since 2018 year. Here you can order a variety of coffee drinks, tea, cocoa, hot chocolate or lemonade.For drinks offer cakes, croissants, cookies and other pastries.

In addition, "Baza Verholaza" created a free creative space for family holidays. Here you can compete in the dexterity of drawing-uo a gigantic tower-dzhengi, shoot cones from large slingshot, play checkers on a large field or in unusual tic-tac-toe. Children remain satisfied with the swing-plane, wigwams and games around. And for parents there are hammocks, stretched between the trees. While the children re playing you can take a cup of aromatic coffee, sit on hammock and enjoy the beauty and silence of volyn forest.