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Pansionat ''Shatsʹki ozera'',Svityaz, Shatsky district, Volyn region

+380 96 269 2727, +380 99 507 5867. Official site http://shatski.com.ua/ Coordinates: 51.47725348939193, 23.81083309650421

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Diving at lake Svityaz with the club DIVE IT!

Diving club DIVE IT! welcome you to Shatskikh lakes!
Have you ever wanted to feel in weightlessness in flight?
Feel this is possible only in a space that, unfortunately, not available to everyone. But there is one
element that can give these feelings ...

This water ...

If you enthusiastically watched on television movies Jacques Yves Cousteau, have always attracted
nezvidanist deep sea, attracted secrets of sunken ships seized clouds
colorful fish and amazing underwater inhabitants - then diving - what you need!
How about to experience it yourself?
You can make your first diving!

The "test dive" at Lake Svityaz with the club DIVE IT!

The program includes:
  • Briefing.
  • Diving and underwater excursion with an experienced instructor.
  • Individual approach: the ratio PADI instructor / participant: each other
  • Full, an individual, a set of modern, professional equipment for diving.
  • The entire program takes at least an hour. Time spent under water - at least 20 minutes.
   And yet, we'll give you your underwater photos !!! Do not forget to bring along any electronic media (flash card or MicroSD card from your phone)

Initial training diving.

If you want to learn how to independently dive diving and join a community of enthusiastic people who bear the proud name of "divers", then you can go through initial training diving (course PADI Open Water Diver). This basic course is designed for beginners and will teach you everything you need to know for a safe and enjoyable stay underwater diving to a depth of 18 meters. Upon completion of training you will receive an international certificate and can dive with scuba diving anywhere in the world.

WARNING! Currently, there is a special price for the course PADI Open Water Diver.
Price discount is 210 euro !!!
Subject to the course at the club DIVE IT! (All inclusive!)

Our instructors have extensive experience (over 10 years) and each completed more than 2,000 dives in various conditions, including diving under the ice. We have experience in the most respectable resorts in the world with the highest standards of professionalism, ethics and teamwork.

Discover a new world!