Our crayfishes are crayfishes to all crayfishes.


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Resting on Shatsk lakes? Want to try the local delicacy? We suggest you enjoy crayfish.
Crayfishes have long been a traditional dish in kitchens of Slavic peoples - a large number of clean rivers and lakes in which they live these arthropods, the reason for their popularity. Tender meat cancers emphasizes the taste of good beer.
And in the summer heat, and in any other weather, fresh crayfish, cooked with spices and herbs will certainly please you and your guests their nebanalnistyu and excellent taste.

  • We offer wide range of cancers for different tastes.
  • Retail or wholesale.
  • We sell only freshly alive and cancers.
  • We prepare cancer only after receiving an order immediately before delivery.
  • We use a special recipe - tested for years.

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If you are bored standard beer snacks like chips or crackers, if you value natural products and a good time with friends - then it's time to mention cancer.
And remember: Our crayfishes are crayfishes to all crayfishes!