Chorne Veluke
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Shuffle 1.4 km 2
Deepness 2.5 м

The lake is located in the south-west of the village Shatsk. The lake is located in the south-west of the village Shatsk. Actually the lake takes cretaceous basin. The area of the lake is 82 hectares, length 1375 m, width of 650 m., maximum depth - 3.2 m, the average depth - 2.5 m, the volume of water in the lake is 2.5 tcm. Length of coastline is about 3.7 km. Powered by groundwater and precipitation. North shore of the lake is sandy, south and southeast low, heavily waterlogged.

Lake is celebrated by a large variety of fish species. Widely distributed here roach, prussian carp, bream, ruff, eel, carp. Very rarely can meet catfish and pike. Well settled down in the lake carp amur, perch. From the imported rare species in the lake there are white amur and silver carp - these species are not breeding.

Avifauna of the lake is not determined by the richness and diversity. Always there are only mallard, coot, and teal-triskunok, and those in small amounts.