Lake Lyutsymyr is located at southeast of the town Shatsk.  In Shatsk National Park, it ranks third in size after Svityaz and Pulemets lakes. Lake area is 4.43 square kilometers, length - 3075 m, width - 1875 m, maximum depth - 11.0 m, average depth - 4.4 m water volume is 19.5 cm. Lake connected by artificial canals with such lakes as Chorne Veluke and Kryhlum. The coastline is smooth, except the south, where it is cut by braids and small bays. North shore of Lyutsymyr is tall, sandy, south - low.

The coastal line of the lake Lyutsymyr overgrown. Along the coast is sitnik and reeds. As was already mentioned lake Lyutsymyr is one of the third largest among the Shatsk lakes and has significant watershed area of 32.8 sq km. Within its catchment is lokated lake Chorne Veluke which is connected with it by the channel, which flows into the western part of the lake Lyutsymyr. Through this channel into the lake Lyutsymyr very polluted water coming from the lake Chorne Veluke.

Lake Lyutsymyr is famous for its richness of waterfowl. In a large number lodges here big sea duck, gray goose, mallard, black chervonoholova, gogol, plain martun. Slightly rarely seen mute swan, teal-triskunok, tufted duck and coot. 
Widely distributed here pike, perch, roach, scardinius, perch, ruff, prussian carp, eel, bleak, bream, tench, carp. Very rarely found mynok and golden carp. Well settled down in the lake fish such as eel, bullhead dwarf, rarely can be found Amur carp, grass carp, silver carp, which are also well acclimatized here.

At the lake Lyutsymyr is well developed recreational activities. The lake provides a good place to relax for villagers of Shatsk, neighboring villages and towns.

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