Two daughters and son
Volyn region, Shatsk district, village Svityaz, st. Zhovtneva 66 Get direction
+380 96 786 1293 - Taras.
+380 67 334 5966 - Alexander.
+380 96 990 1117 - Julia.

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from 150 hrn

per guest

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The private estate "Two daughters and son" is located 300 meters to the lake.Svityaz Great . Fenced territory. Near the "Corner of the fisherman", near which there is an entertainment area, bazaar, shops, cafes and discos.

It offers comfortable rooms with various amenities. There are deluxe and standard rooms, which are decorated in ECO style.

Suite: double, one and a half and two-level beds, refrigerator, TV, satellite TV, air conditioning. Separate bathroom (shower, toilet, washbasin).
Junior Suite:
Two-room 7-bed room. The first room has a double bed and a single bed. The second room has a double and bunk beds, refrigerator, TV, satellite TV, bathroom (shower, toilet, washbasin).
Standard (2, 3-bed rooms).
In the rooms: double and single beds, TV, satellite TV. Shared toilet on site (flush toilet and shower with hot and cold water).

Large shared kitchen (gas stove, electric kettle, sink, dishes, multicooker).
In front of the house is a large covered terrace with tables and benches.

Suite - 220 UAH / day per person.
Junior Suite - 200 UAH / day per person.
The standard is 175 UAH / day per person.

Additional seats are possible.

At your service:
  • WIFI;
  • parking;
  • covered terraces;
  • brazier;
  • skewers;
  • children's slide;
  • trampoline.
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From the person

  • air conditioning
  • refrigerator
  • TV
  • bathroom

220 hrn

Junior Suite

From the person

  • refrigerator
  • TV
  • bathroom

200 hrn


From the person

  • TV

175 hrn

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