Health tubs and steam sauna
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village Melnyky, lane Shkilnyy 1
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Health tubs and steam sauna located at the base of rest "Vesela oselya".

At your service:

  • gazebo,
  • barbecues,
  • parking (10 cars)
  • outdoor fitness equipment,
  • a wine cellar,
  • swing,
  • hammocks,
  • outdoor swimming pool with sun loungers,
  • athletic fields,
  • wood for barbecues
  • playground,
  • fishing.

At your service for a fee:

  • residence,
  • food,
  • steam bath (300 UAH)
  • chan (400 UAH)
  • bicycle
  • transport services.
2 km to the lake Pisochne and resort "Lisova pisnya".

Bathing in tubs with herbs have been known in Europe since ancient times, a vat filled with cold water, stones put on the bottom. Under vat fueled fireplace. The temperature in the tank is maintained at 40 ° C (for hardy customers can be up to 45 ° C). At the same time in the tank can bathe 6-8 people. Grass and water except simple cleaning of the body, even great impact on the overall tone, good skin tone and saturate it through open pores of necessary minerals, improve respiratory and circulatory system work.
A lot of women who care about their appearance, like swimming in the tank, because skin after the procedure becomes elastic and supple, and decreases the amount of fat tissue.
We invite you to experience all the delights of bathing in tubs for yourself and then you will be able to judge everything by yourself.
Since ancient times was considered a steam bath for human health resort. Even after this many years it has not lost its popularity even to some degree perfected. So, steam bath brings enormous benefits. Everyone knows that in the bath is a very high temperature and humid air. It helps our immune system to cope with the problem. Also improves performance of all muscles of the body. And most importantly - improves metabolism and blood circulation. Together with then displays all toxic substances that have accumulated. Even frequent respiration at high temperature causes the lungs better perform its basic function, to provide the body with oxygen.What is the bath without a broom? Broom can be made from the leaves of many trees. For example, lime helps extra sweating at the same time as oak broom body does not burn the skin. A birch broom is better suited and affect the skin. If the broom is dry, then it must be properly steamed. First, just rinse and then wash in warm water and then soar in hot, holding at high temperature. Then the broom is ready for use.
After all this you can enjoy a delicious lunch, tasting Ukrainian dishes.