Детально про vil. Lyubohyny (lake Pіsochne 2)

Summer is the best time of the year. Sun, warmth, light breeze and such a long-awaited vacation.
Many people go to the sea, where a good combination of rest and hot sunny days. However, some still choose the beautiful Volyn lakes, of which there are many in the Starovyzhiv district. One of them is Pisochne in the village of Lyubokhyny.

vil. Lyubohyny (lake Pіsochne 2): як дістатись

Lyubokhyny is located in the former Starovyzhiv district. Numo, let's figure out how to get there. If you are from the capital or distant cities, it is best to start by train to Kovel. And then get to the bus station (they are nearby), where, as a rule, there are many minibuses. Choose the minibus that goes in the direction of Staraya Vyzhivka, or Lyubokhin itself.
But of course, the most comfortable and fast way for your trip will be your own car. But don't worry about where you leave it here. This can be done on the territory of the housing you have chosen in Lyubokhyny - the yard of a cottage, private estate or recreation center.

vil. Lyubohyny (lake Pіsochne 2): коли їхати

Since the main leisure activities in Lyubokhyny are swimming and sunbathing on the beach of the lake, we recommend you to visit here in the summer. Crystal clear water, clear skies covered with fluffy white clouds, the sun embracing you with its warm rays - that's what awaits you here in summer.

vil. Lyubohyny (lake Pіsochne 2): чим зайнятись

What to do in Lyubokhyny, except the beach?
And sometimes I really get tired of just lying down, sunbathing; the soul needs something interesting - adventure. Rental of jet skis, ATVs and bicycles is available in Lyubokhyny, which will be a good choice for those who do not like to sit in one place and know how to relax to the fullest, but also with benefits. Of course it will be for a nominal fee. But it's worth it. You will get a lot of positive emotions.
Also, fishing will be a great activity. But here you are lucky, because the fish itself will not get on the hook, you need to be able to fish.
We should also mention the nature of this region. She is charming. Here are just unreal landscapes. You can see these only on Pinterest and here, live. How many fabulous photos can be taken - probably thousands. And the main thing is that only you will have such shots.
A walk in the woods will be a great option to warm up a bit and breathe clean, fresh air. There you will find natural photo areas that will enchant everyone. Let's not forget about the gifts of nature. During the walk, you can come across a bunch of mushrooms and berries that you can eat, or gather and treat friends and family with whom you came to Lyubokhina on vacation.