Lake Karasynets is located to the northeast of the village Shack. In North of the lake is the village Melnyky. The area of the lake is 1.39 hectares, length - 550 m, width - 375 m, maximum depth - 1.8 m, the average depth - 1.1 m water volume is 0.2 tcm. The coastline of the lake Karasynetso is underdeveloped, swampy.

The lake is well warmed up. From the fish populations are found common species, typical for small lakes of Shatsk Lake District - roach, Scardinius, perch, ruff, crucian carp, eel, bleak.

The avifauna of the lake is not marked with richness and diversity of species. Always you can meet mallard, gloss and even their numbers are small. Lake Karasynets is used poorly, in particular for fishing and recreation of people.

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