Lake Ozertse is located at the east from Lake Karasynetso is and to the northeast of the village Shatsk. These lakes are very close to each other and connected by a short duct. The area of the lake is 13.4 hectares, length - 600 m, width - 375 m, maximum depth - 3.0 m, the average depth - 1.6 m, the volume of water is 0.2 tys.m. cube. 

Lake is shallow, the depth does not exceed 3 m. In winter, especially when frosts may lead to the formation of death rate heightening effects. Fish fauna of the lake is typical for small lakes of Shatsk National Park, and is not marked diversity of species. Here is extended roach, scardinius, perch, ruff, crucian carp, eel, pike and carp.

From the waterbirds in this reservoir can meet gloss, Tufted Duck, Mallard, bluish and common gulls and occasionally swans. But these birds are found in small numbers only when their flights are a bit more.

Lake is not used  for recreational purposes. There are no lodges, but fishermen enjoy the lake fish for wealth and pleasant holiday.

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