Length of coastline about 5 km. The banks are low, swampy. The area of the lake is 146, length - 1800 m, width of 1300 meters, the maximum depth - 6.7 m, average - 2.2m water volume is 3.2 scm.

Lake Peremut is not observed with the wealth of waterfowl. At the lake, in the surrounding area enjoy to nest mallard, teal-triskunok, coot.
Widely distributed here pike, roach, scardinius, bream, tench, carp, perch. Well acclimatized eel and pygmy catfish. The area of Shatsky National Park is divided into functional areas.

Lake Peremut with its surroundings belongs to the protected area of the park, which is designed to protect and restore most valuable natural complexes, the regime is determined in accordance with the requirements established for nature reserves.

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