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Детально про Hryada (lake. Svitiaz)

The Hryada is a beautiful corner of the Volyn Lake District. The tract is located near the shores of the famous Svityaz, on its northern coast.
Despite the fact that the Hryada  was once considered the center of night parties, today it is a common cozy place for family vacations or holidays with good friends. Of course, night discos have remained here until now, but there are fewer of them, but we guarantee that this is not a problem, because you can have fun anywhere, the main thing is to choose your company.

Hryada (lake. Svitiaz): як дістатись

You can get to the Hryada by minibus from Kovel, which can be easily reached by train from anywhere in Ukraine. The main thing is to get on that minibus, and who knows what surprises fate is preparing for you. Choose those minibuses that go towards the Shatsk Lakes (Shatsk, Hryada, etc.), from where it will be easy to get to the Hryada.
Of course, traveling by car will be the most convenient and best option and you do not need to worry about where to leave the car on vacation, because at the entrance to the ridge there is a parking area.

Hryada (lake. Svitiaz): коли їхати

Tired of all this daily hustle and bustle and want to finally rest somewhere?
The Hryada is best suited for summer vacation. The lake, sandy beach, a variety of entertainment and discos, this is mostly only in summer. Although you will find housing on the Hryada in the fall, when the mushroom season is in full swing. Well, imagine - snow-covered roads, tree branches under a thick layer of snow, the lake is calmer than ever - it's all the Hryada in winter.
Of course, everyone has their own preferences, so only you can choose when to visit the Hryada. 

Hryada (lake. Svitiaz): чим зайнятись

The Hryada is best choice for those who like to relax to the fullest. Discos in the morning, attractions and entertainment for children on the beach, hiking, biking, excursions, safaris, tent camp, where you can stay extreme, who love outdoor recreation and want to experience new emotions. It is also possible to better explore the depths of Svityaz, immersed in the blue water with scuba diving.
There are plenty of cafes and restaurants on the territory of the tract, where you can eat delicious food. There is also a bazaar on the main street of the Hryada, where you can buy everything you need for your holiday.
Do not forget about fishing. The waters of Svityaz hide a large number of fish species that locals and vacationers catch on their hooks. If you come with your own fishing rods and other fishing gear, that's cool. And if not, do not be upset, because it can all be bought in neighboring villages.