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Детально про vil. Melnyky (lake Pіsochne)

The village of Melnyky is located in Volyn, not far from the famous Svityaz and the recreation center in the Shatsk Lake District, the village of Shatska. This is another point where you can spend an unforgettable vacation with family or friends.
Melnyky attracts with its picturesque beauty, because they are located right in the woods of Polissya. And this place is even more decorated by 2 lakes, which have been pleasing to the human eye for many years.
Lake Pisochne is located on the territory of the village itself, but Lake Krymne is located 2 km from Melnyky.
When you come here, you can rent accommodation from locals. There are many places here. Private estates, cottages, rooms or individual houses are waiting for tourists with wide open doors.

vil. Melnyky (lake Pіsochne): як дістатись

If you have already decided to spend your vacation in Melniki, there should be no problems with transport.
Of course, the fastest and most convenient way to get to Melnyky is to own a car.
But consider other options.
Kyiv, Kharkiv, Lviv, Odesa - wherever you are, there will be transport to Melnyky.
First you need to get to Kovel. This can be done by train. Then change to a minibus, which goes in the direction of Shatsk Lakes, and already on the spot you will see how to get there.

vil. Melnyky (lake Pіsochne): коли їхати

The main type of leisure in Melnyky, in particular on Lake Pisochne, is sunbathing on the beach and swimming in the pond. And for this favorable natural conditions only in summer, when the sun warms the most. But also in autumn and winter you will find something to do in Melnyky. So it's up to you to decide and plan your trip here, at a time that you like.

vil. Melnyky (lake Pіsochne): чим зайнятись

Most often, people come to Melnyky only for recreation by the lake. That's right. Throughout the beach there are many attractions that allow both children and adults. There are also cafes where adults can drink a glass of beer and taste local fish, including eel, which is so famous Shatsk region, and for children there is a delicious cold ice cream, hot dogs and other delicacies.
For people who love active recreation, there is also something to do. Locals arrange various excursions to places that impress with their beauty. You can also spend time walking through the woods that are around and the road to find bushes with berries that you can eat. And of course, where without fishing. There are plenty of fish in the lake, so a great quiet hunt with a pretty good catch is guaranteed. However, not everyone knows how to fish properly, but not everyone has the luck to catch a good catch, it's lucky
In autumn, the mushroom season begins here. Therefore, if you like to wander through the woods in search of bizarre legs with hats, come to Melnyky, in particular in the forests that are in this area.
And of course we do not forget about winter vacation in Melnyky. Skates and skis can be rented from locals or come with your own. In this way you will not only relax from daily worries, but also exercise with a warm-up is guaranteed.