Hryada is a beautiful corner of the Volyn lake. The tract spread out from the northern side of the famous Svityaz.
A few years ago, everyone considered this place the center of night parties, but recently everything has changed and Hryada has turned into a cozy corner for couples in love, families or groups of friends.
Of course, night discos have remained here to this day, but there are fewer of them, but we guarantee that this is not a problem, because you can have fun anywhere, the main thing is to choose your company.

The Hryada tract is best suited for summer recreation. A lake, a sandy beach, a variety of entertainment and discos, this is mostly only available here in the summer.

On the territory of the tract there are plenty of cafes and restaurants where you can eat deliciously. There is also a bazaar on the central street of Hryada, where you can buy everything you need for your vacation.

The central beach on Hryada is sandy, there are changing rooms, benches, and swings. Attractions are located along the shore. They are here for every taste. Slides, trampolines, playrooms, etc.

If you are a fan of active recreation, you won't have to be sad here either. Various excursions, cycling and safari walks, scuba diving are at your service.
If you prefer being alone, then a walk in the forest will be a good option. Here you can feel a deep connection with nature, and walking along the paths you can also find mushrooms and wild berries that you can eat.

Well, where would you go without fishing? Many species of fish have found shelter in the waters of Svityaz, which locals and vacationers catch on their hooks. You can fish on boats (they can be rented) or from bridges on the shore of the lake. If you come with your own fishing rods and other fishing equipment, that's cool. And if not, you should not be upset, because all this can be purchased in the neighboring villages.

When the sun already sets behind the horizon, a completely different life begins on the Ridge - the opposite of what can be seen during the day. Bright multi-colored light, loud music, laughter and singing of people - this is the "other - night Ridge".

Today's young people like to relax actively, so they often prefer night clubs, cafes, bars and parties.
A popular institution in Hryad is the club "Odyssey". Here you can not only dance to loud cool music, but also play billiards or order karaoke.

As many know, various music festivals are held right here in Hryad. Every year, Joker Fest was held in the tract - a large-scale European-level festival. He gathered lovers of electronic dance music. This festival lasts for three days near Lake Svityaz. Each such event gathers an unrealistic number of people. Therefore, after you visit Joker Fest, believe me, there will be something to remember.

As for housing, there will be a place for everyone in Hryad. Recreation centers, cottages, and estates have been built here, which will welcome guests from Ukraine and neighboring countries every year. A large number of buildings are located on the shore of the lake. Most of them have gazebos, barbecues, playgrounds and everything else you need for a comfortable vacation.

There is also a tent town on the territory of the tract. Resting in tents provides a great opportunity to connect with nature as much as possible and guarantees a sound, healthy sleep in the fresh air.

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