Lake Ostrivyanske is located to the northeast of of the lake Pulemetske. On its eastern shore is the village Ostrivya. The area of the lake is 2.57 hectares, length - 2250 m, width - 1450 m, maximum depth - 3.8 m, the average depth - 2.3 m water volume of 5.9 tcm.

The lake is inhabited by pike, roach, scardinius, bleak, bream, tench, bitterling, crucian carp, eel, perch, ruff. Well settled down and enriched fish fauna reservoirs are acclimatized species such as eel and Canadian Catfish, which locals call "buchok". Canadian Catfish massively breed in the lake Ostrivyanske. Here you can find birds such as large sea duck, mute swan, mallard, tufted duck, coot.

Lake Ostrivyanske in particular its eastern coast, where the village is located is used for recreational purposes. 

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