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Детально про vil. Pulmo (lake Svitiaz)

In Western Polissya, in Volhyn, among the mysterious forests, Pulmo hid. The village is located on the territory of Shatsk Lakes, which means that Pulmo is another place where you can spend a wonderful summer vacation.
The village lies between two lakes - the well-known Svityaz and Pulemetsky. Pulma is a bit quieter than the crowded beaches of Svityaz, so it is suitable for those who like a quieter holiday.

vil. Pulmo (lake Svitiaz): як дістатись

Have you already decided that you are going to Pulmo on vacation? Numo, let's see how to get here.
Pulmo is located in the Shatsk National Nature Park, in the former Shatsk district.
Lviv, Kyiv, Odesa - wherever you are, there is always a way to the lake district.
From distant cities it is possible to reach by train only to Kovel (after all in the area there is no nearest railway connection). Well, from there you can get a minibus, private vehicle, or taxi, which you can find from the back of the bus station or in front of the main entrance to the train station. Remember that you need to choose the transport that goes in the direction of Shatsk, and there are already minibuses that run to Pulm.
Of course, the best option for a trip to Pulmo will be your own car. It's fast and convenient. Well, you can not worry about where to leave your car. It can be placed in the yard of your chosen place of residence, and it does not matter whether it is a private estate, cottage, or perhaps a recreation center.

vil. Pulmo (lake Svitiaz): коли їхати

Pulmo is located in the Volyn Lake District, the place where it is best to come in summer. Transparent, clear water, which smoothly passes into the deep doves of the sky on the horizon. Underfoot is warm sand, which is so good to walk barefoot. Many birds fly in the hills, and the fish from the lake itself jumps over the water. This is exactly the picture you can see in the summer on the beaches in Pulma, and immerse yourself in the atmosphere of unity with nature.

vil. Pulmo (lake Svitiaz): чим зайнятись

Arrived in Pulmo and do not know what to do? We will help you with this.
Of course, the main activity in Pulma is spending time on the beach. Sunbathing, swimming in warm and crystal clear water is also relaxation.
But there are people who love active recreation and will not just lie in one place all the time. If you belong to this type of people, I want to congratulate you, because here at least take away the fun.
There are many different attractions for children on the beach, but there are some that will appeal to adults.
Kayaks, bike rides, safaris, tours of the Shatsk Lakes - and this is not a complete list of what locals offer to guests of the region. Also, let's not forget about the Verkholaz Base, which is located between Pulm and Svityaz. There are various types of extreme and active recreation for you: a rope park, bicycle and bicycle rental for children, snookball (a combination of football and billiards), watching movies in the open air, in a cozy atmosphere.
For lovers of nightlife, ie loud discos and entertainment, we offer to visit another resort - Svityaz, which is located near Pulm. Every evening, on the shores of Volyn Baikal, various discos are held in bungalows. Loud music, colorful stripes of light, large companies of cheerful people - all this is night Svityaz.
Let's not forget that around this place there are forests, which hide a lot of natural gifts. For mushroom pickers, this is just paradise. You can find chanterelles, buttercups, white mushrooms and many other mushrooms in the forests of Volyn. And how many berries are there - blueberries, strawberries, blackberries - all for those who are not lazy and go for a walk in the woods in search of the so-called delicious prey.
And of course, how can you be in the lake region and not go fishing? That's right, it's impossible! Therefore, the dead take fishing rods and other equipment and bagpipes for a quiet hunt.