Lake Pulemetske is located in northwest of the lake Svityas, between the villages Puglia and Pulemets. In the area of water surface and water volume is second only after Lake Svityaz. Length of coastline is about 16 km. Area of the lake is 1640 hectares, width - 3.5 km, maximum depth - 19.2 m, average - 4.1 m. Coastline of the lake is weak shared. The south and north-west coast is sandy and raised in 5-6 meters above the water.

Lake feeds by ground water and by atmospheric preticipation. Lake Pulemetske is celerbated by the richness of water floarting birds. Here nest during the flight: a large sea duck, mute swan, gray goose, mallard, teal-triskunok, goldeneye, coot, silver martyn, loon.

Lake Pulemetske belongs to lakes of bream types. Widely distributed here pike, roach, scardinius, crucian carp, tench and eel. Sometimes you can see catfish. The lake is rich in fish, total there are about 21 species of fish. The lake is used for recreational purposes. It creates a pleasant and comfortable place to relax people who live here and who come here from surrounding villages, cities and neighboring country - Belarus.

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