Lake Somynets is near Svityaz Lake, 1.2 km to the northeast from it. The area of the lake is 43 hektriv length of the lake 1175 m, width - 525 m, maximum depth - 2.8 m, the average depth - 1.7 m water volume is 0.7 tcm. The banks of of the lake are low, forested, south-eastern shore is sandy.

Fish fauna of the lake Somynets is not marked with richness and diversity of species. Here are distributed mainly conventionaltypical for Shatsk National Park. These are the types. As the pike, bleak, perch, ruff, scardinius, carp, eel, tench. From the exotic species is widely distributed dwarfish catfish.

In Somynets you can often find such birds as big sea duck, swan - shypun, gray goose, mallard, teal-triskunok, coot, dove Martin and Martin usual. Thus, the bird communities of the lake Somynets is typical of Shatsk lakes.

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