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Детально про with. Pulemets (oz. Pulemetske)

Pulemetske is another option where to spend a summer, unforgettable vacation in the Volyn Lake District.
The village of Pulemets is located on the territory of Shatsk National Nature Park, not far from Lake Pulemetske. It is a quiet and cozy place to relax with family and friends, where you will want to return again and again. Clean air, no noisy traffic, beautiful and tidy territory, clear lake water - all that awaits you on vacation near Pulemetskoe Lake.

with. Pulemets (oz. Pulemetske): як дістатись

How to get here?
The easiest way to get there is by train Slovyansk - Lviv. From there you can get to Kovel, and then from the main bus station by bus to Shatsky Lakes.
When planning such a vacation, calculate the time you will spend on the road.

with. Pulemets (oz. Pulemetske): коли їхати

We recommend that you come to Pulemetsky in the summer. After all, it is at this time you can have a good time on the beach (sunbathing and swimming in the lake).
Autumn is the best time for mushroom pickers, because the mushroom season is in full swing. Since this is a wooded area, ie there are many forests, there are certainly a lot of mushrooms.
Well, in winter you can enjoy the snowy landscapes. Imagine tree branches under a few centimeters of snow, a lake with a thick layer of ice, in the middle of which fishermen are sitting, waiting for their lake prey. It's all here, it's all a lake district, and in particular Pulemetske.
Therefore, only you decide when to visit this place.

with. Pulemets (oz. Pulemetske): чим зайнятись

If you have already come to Pulemetsky on vacation and do not know what to do, the following information is for you.
Of course, in summer, as near other bodies of water, you can swim and sunbathe on the beach, walk in the woods and breathe fresh, fragrant air, or open your legs a little and spend time on a bike ride. Fishing is also available here. And yet, there are many forest gifts in the forest - berries (blueberries, blackberries, cranberries), which can be enjoyed on a walk, or gather at home and treat family and friends.
In autumn, the mushroom season begins here. If you are a fierce mushroom picker, then you are here. Since this is a wooded area, there will be plenty of mushrooms here, but the main thing is to make sure that someone else does not take your mushroom.
In winter, there are unrealistically beautiful landscapes. The layer of ice on the lake is getting rougher, the trees seem to be wearing a white snow coat and are enchantingly waiting for spring. You can just admire this picture, but the best thing is to take a camera or phone and surprise your subscribers with fabulous photos. Well, where without skates? Certain areas of the lake are cleared of snow, and winter sports enthusiasts have another activity. Also, fishermen will not miss the chance to relax and freeze a little on the lake, waiting for their prey.