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Детально про Zhorany village (the lake. Zhoranske)

Are you planning a quiet, peaceful trip with family, friends, or perhaps alone? Visit Lake Zhoranske!
Zhorany is a village located in the Volyn region, not far from the town of Luboml and the town of Shatsk. This area has many stories and legends that no one can pass by.
Velyke Zhoranske is one of the lakes in Volyn. It is considered to be of karst origin and is part of the landscape reserve "Zgora Lakes". The reservoir is located in the Luboml district, north of the village of Zhorany, where not many people live, so for a quiet holiday here.

Zhorany village (the lake. Zhoranske): як дістатись

Kyiv, Odesa, Lviv, Ternopil, Kharkiv. Wherever you are, there is a way to Lake Zhoranskoye.
First you need to get to Kovel. This can be done by train. And from there by minibus, or use the services of paid carriers. But of course, the most convenient transport is still your own car.
When you arrive in Kovel, and go to Zgoran by minibus, choose the one that goes to Shatsky lakes (because there is no direct connection Kovel - Zhoran).
If you drive your own car, from Kovel it is best to go on the highway E373 / M07, popular name "Warsaw", to Luboml, and then turn on T0302 in the direction of Shatsk.
There are many options for getting to your destination, so it's up to you.

Zhorany village (the lake. Zhoranske): коли їхати

It is best to come to Zhoranske in summer. The sun is shining, a light breeze is blowing. Great weather to relax on the beach or walk through the woods. You can also come in winter. Here, in Zhoransky, the Epiphany is traditionally celebrated every year. And also, let's not forget about winter fishing with enchanting snow-covered landscapes.

Zhorany village (the lake. Zhoranske): чим зайнятись

The main pastime on Zgoransky is, of course, swimming and sunbathing on the beach. But in addition, there are bike rides in the area, which will open you beautiful views.
Hiking in the woods will allow you not only to spend time breathing fresh air, but also to gather plenty of mushrooms and berries, but you should remember about safety and take only food.
If you had the opportunity to come on vacation to Zhoransky during the Green Holidays, in particular Ivan Kupala, then you are very lucky. Locals follow all the traditions of this holiday, and arrange an unforgettable celebration. A big fire, wreaths on the water, round dances, matchmaking, dances, games, competitions - and this is not a complete list of what awaits you in Zhorany on the night of Ivan Kupala.
It should also be noted that on the shoreline locals moor boats, which, in most cases, can be rented and go on a so-called tour of the lake, or catch fish in local waters - the choice is yours.