Детально про ur Gushovo - Chalet (lake Svіtyaz)

Ukraine is not only wheat fields under the blue sky, but also forests, which hide various interesting places, including places for recreation.
One of them is the Gushovo tract, which is located near the largest, most powerful source of Volyn - Svityaz. Gushovo is exactly the place where you can relax in a quiet, peaceful atmosphere.

ur Gushovo - Chalet (lake Svіtyaz): як дістатись

It is not so difficult to get to Gushov. If you are from distant cities or the capital, it will be convenient to take a train to Kovel, and then a minibus, or a private minibus, which goes in the direction of Shatsk Lakes. According to the schedule, such transportation is always available, so there should be no problems with transport.
Of course, the most convenient way to travel will be your own car. You should not think about where you will leave it here, because it can be done in the yard of a private estate, cottage or recreation center, which you have chosen to live.

ur Gushovo - Chalet (lake Svіtyaz): коли їхати

Gushovo is best suited for those who love summer vacation. Sun, beach, big clean lake - what could be better? That's right - nothing. That's why Gushovo is waiting for you and has prepared a number of interesting adventures for you.

ur Gushovo - Chalet (lake Svіtyaz): чим зайнятись

Gushovo is a great place to relax with family, friends or alone. Mostly people come here to spend their holidays on the beaches of Volyn lakes, in particular on Svityaz.
But besides that, there are many other options for how to have a fun weekend.
Locals offer guests a variety of excursions, bike rides, safaris. Above the shore of the lake there are many catamarans and boats that can be rented for a nominal fee and go on a journey through the waters of Lake Shatsk.
It is also possible to dive under scuba diving and explore not only the surface of the reservoir, but also the underwater world of the Volyn Lakes.
A trip to the Verkholaz Base will be an interesting pastime for both children and adults. There are various types of extreme and active recreation for you: a rope park, bicycle and bicycle rental for children, snookball (a combination of football and billiards), watching movies in the open air, in a cozy atmosphere.
Gushovo is a quiet place in the middle of the forest, and going for a walk under the branches of trees is another pleasure. So feet in hand and bagpipes to the forest. Here you can just take a walk and breathe the fresh air, but in addition, the forests have many gifts for their guests. Berries (blueberries, blackberries, cranberries) and mushrooms grow here, as if scattered especially for you.