Among the natural tourist attractions of  Prybuzhzhya lake Svityaz is in the first place. It is the deepest in Ukraine. In sunny weather, the bottom is visible at kilometer depths. Svityaz is located near the village Shatsk, district center restored in 1993. Besides him, there are twenty lakes. And a great and beautiful among them - Svitjaz. In this wonderful place on the border of Ukraine, Belarus and Poland in 1983 was created Shatsky Natural National Park.

Svityaz have some surprising attractive force. It should enter into its crystal water, the soul is filled with bright joy. Almost along the entire shoreline of lake grow
forests. In summer you can breathe filled with the the scent of pine needles
air, gather blueberries, blackberries and mushrooms. This pleasure has none who are accustomed to relax on the sea coast.

Svityaz is somewhat similar to the sea. It has a length of 9.3 kilometers and a width of 4.8. Lake Area - 2750 hectares. The greatest depth - 58.4 meters, and the average - 6.9 meters. In windy weather, the waves here reach half a meter height. 

There is no common opinion among scientists about the origin of Svityaz and other lakes. Some people believe that after the retreat of the Dnieper glacier in Polissia was formed a huge water body. The glacier from the north propped it without letting water to flow down. Lakes are considered by them as relics, that remains of this gigantic reservoir, cavities of which with time deepened by leaching of limestones in underground streams. Other scientists say that the lake have only karst origin. The latest research have confirmed glacial origin of Svityaz and his closest colleagues. And the appearance of deep depressions, on their assumption, is associated with raising and lowering of individual tectonic blocks. 

People like to compare Svityaz with the glorious Baikal. Of course, the scale is not the same, but there are significant depth. When the boat crosses the path from the gulf Buzhnia to the Pulemetske shore holding left the island, the heart aches anxiety, feeling under itself dark bottomless water Holodnetskas tone - 32 meters - 37-38-58,4 meter. There are underwater holes and from the side of shallow Hryada: Vovcha - 20 meters, Ohryadna - 15, Kamin - 14 Verteneva - 17 meters.
Along the coast, especially in area of Hryada and pension "Shatski ozera" Svityaz is mostly shallow. You can walk a hundred meters, until the water reached your chest. In the windless time water is warmed up quickly so here are happy rest parents with children. In shallow water you can have hardly mistaken view of the entire of the lake. To avoid this, let us give information on the distribution of Svityaz depth. So, a depth of 2 meters occupy the lake area 118 hectares, to 3 meters - 720, 5 meters - 1061, to 10 meters - 418, more than 10 meters - 533 hectares. So lake in the prevailing majority are very deep.

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