Volyn is the best place for an unforgettable vacation in the bosom of lake nature, and the Shatsky lakes are beautiful and amazing.
Those who like a quiet family holiday should pay attention to Lake Zgoranske. Only about one and a half thousand people live in this area, so it is always calm here. All around you can hear the singing of birds, the noise of the forest and the splash of the waves.

Zgoranske is located on the territory of the village of Zgorany. Now it is Kovel district. There are quite a few legends about this place.
It is said that there was a dense forest at this place, which caught fire due to lightning. Over time, a lake formed on the burn, and people from the "Shoren" came here. And it is from them that the name of the village comes from.

Nowadays, Zhorany is a vacation spot for tourists from different parts of Ukraine, and even from neighboring countries.

In order to enjoy your vacation, one day will not be enough for you, so it is better to think about housing in advance.
The locals took care of the guests and offered different accommodation options. Everyone can rent housing in Zhorany. There are quite a few manors, cottages, individual houses or rooms here. And accommodation prices are lower than, for example, in the Shatskyi lakes. Everything for every taste and wallet, as they say. And if you want to fully relax, get closer to nature, then there is a great option for you - to live in a tent near the lake.

Zgoranske is best visited in the summer. The sun is shining, a light breeze is blowing. Great weather to relax by the lake. The beach at Zgoranskyi is sandy; there are changing rooms, benches, several gazebos.
Unfortunately, there are very few water attractions for children compared to the Shatsky Lakes. But this is not a problem, building sand castles is no less exciting activity. There is also a huge playground where children and adults like to play football.

As a rule, local people tie up their boats at the shore, which can usually be rented for a nominal fee and feel like an explorer of the water surface of Zgoransky.

There are many types of fish in the lake. Therefore, grab fishing rods and go fishing.
And for those who are not a fan of pulling fish out of a reservoir, a good option would be a walk through the forest. The residents of Zgoran also offer bike rides, during which you can admire the forest scenery and get a good workout for your legs. During a walk in the forest, you can not only spend time breathing fresh air, but also collect mushrooms and berries to your heart's content, but you should remember about safety and take only edible ones.

If you had the opportunity to come to Zgoransky on holiday during the Green Holidays, in particular Ivan Kupala, then you are very lucky. The locals observe all the traditions of this holiday and organize an unforgettable celebration. A big bonfire, wreaths on the water, dances, matchmaking, dances, games, contests - and this is not a complete list of what awaits you in Zgorany on the night of Ivan Kupala.

In winter, there will also be something to do here.
The water in the lake, like most bodies of water, is covered with ice, and with each frosty day the ice becomes stronger.
For children and adults, it is a pleasure to go skating. It should also be mentioned for the celebration of Epiphany and Shrovetide. During their celebration, all traditions are observed here, which makes these holidays even more interesting and atmospheric.

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