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Детально про Shatsk

Shatsky Lakes is a water complex located in Volyn and adorns the forests of Western Polissya. This corner is the best place for a quiet, peaceful holiday, which attracts thousands of people every year.
This complex consists of 24 unique lakes that enchant with their beauty. If you want an unforgettable vacation with an atmosphere of mystery, silence, then you are here.

Shatsk: як дістатись

Shatsk Lakes are located in the Volyn region, in the Shatsk National Nature Park (Shatsk district). As the railway does not pass through this territory, most often the trip here will be at least one change in Kovel, where there is a railway connection. As a rule, Kovel can be easily reached from anywhere in the country.

So you can get to Kovel by train. Numo, let's see how we get to our destination.

From Kovel it is possible to reach Shatsky lakes
  • own car;
  • public transport (local buses);
  • private vehicles.

It is best to drive your own car from Kovel on the highway E373 / M07, popular name "Warsaw", to Luboml, and then turn on T0302 in the direction of the village. Shatsk.

And how to get from Kovel to Shatsky lakes by public transport?
In the summer, a large number of shuttle buses run through the Kovel bus station (Lesia Ukrainka Boulevard, 40) to the territory of the Shatsk Lakes, both direct and passable. Interval between minibuses from 5-10 minutes to 40 minutes. So there should be no problems with public transport.

How to get from Kovel to Shatsky Lakes by private car or taxi?

In the parking lot, at the back of the bus station or in front of the main entrance to the train station, in summer, there are usually many private minibuses. Minibus drivers offer direct transportation from Kovel to Shatsky Lakes, in most cases they will take you to the required settlement. You can find such cars from the plates on the hood or go to the voice of drivers. Among the advantages of such transportation is that there are always seats and enough space for luggage.

Shatsk: коли їхати

Shatsk lakes, and in general the whole area position themselves primarily as Shatsk National Nature Park, and only then as a resort area, so here the season begins not as at sea, as if warm and everything can go. No. The season begins here when the spawning of fish ends (around June 10).
At the beginning of June it is worth thinking about a holiday on Svityaz and other lakes of the Shatsk region.
For those who love peace and quiet, as well as for family people, it is better to come here in June. At this time, the water in the lakes is extremely clean and has special healing properties. Usually, in June, there are few vacationers. There are no young people, because many have a session. Therefore, for the sake of a quiet and peaceful holiday, we recommend that you go to Shatsky Lakes in June.
There are a lot of vacationers here in July and August. But this is not a problem. After all, as they say - "the more, the more fun." During this period, the shoreline of the lakes is filled with loud music, laughter and leaves no one indifferent to it.

Shatsk: чим зайнятись

In order to make your vacation on the Shatsk Lakes more interesting and extreme, there are many opportunities for guests to spend their time actively. The choice of water and land entertainment here is great, so everyone can choose something to their liking.
  • Kayaking
This type of entertainment is a way to have fun and useful time. When rowing, the muscles of the arms and shoulders work, so you are guaranteed a warm-up.
  • A walk in the forest
A walk through the local forests is a great opportunity to gather thoughts, breathe fresh air and most importantly - enjoy the local nature. Also during the season, you can collect plenty of forest gifts - wild berries and mushrooms that are not spoiled by pesticides and emissions, which is typical of urban products.
  • Excursions and safari walks
For lovers of active recreation and adventure seekers, locals offer tourists interesting excursions by boat, jeep, ATV.
  • Cycling
 You should also pay attention to cycling. This is a great opportunity to have a great time and explore the Lake District.