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Детально про Illichivka (lake Svitiaz)

Illichivka (Stupa) tract is another recreation area in the Volyn Lake District. It is located in the Shatsk region, between the Grad tract and the village of Pulmo.
Illichivka is a place where no one lives, so it is the best choice for a quiet holiday. The tract is just a bunch of cottages hidden among the trees on the banks of the well-known Svityaz.
Loud discos are not held in Illichivka, there are not as many people as in Svityaz. And even before that, the area is protected, which may mean that your holiday will be even safer.

Illichivka (lake Svitiaz): як дістатись

Have you already decided that you are going to Illichivka on vacation? Numo will understand how to get to your destination.
Getting to Stupa, or as it is popularly called - Illichivka, is not so easy. Minibuses do not go here. This means that you will have to get there on your own. You can get to Illichivka by taxi or by your own car. But suddenly you like walking, you can take a minibus to Ridge or Pulm, and then on your own. It all depends on you and your preferences.

Illichivka (lake Svitiaz): коли їхати

Mostly in Illichivka (Stupa) you should come in summer or autumn. In the warmest time you can spend time on the beach, and in autumn go on a journey through the surrounding forests, where there are many gifts of nature.

Illichivka (lake Svitiaz): чим зайнятись

According to those who have already managed to visit the beach in Illichivka, this is the best place to relax in Svityaz. The beach is very clean, equipped with changing rooms, benches and even a place for beach volleyball. Since there are almost no people on the beach, you will find a place to relax without any problems.
As a rule, homeowners organize fishing for guests. Usually they provide all the necessary equipment, and if not, you can find everything yourself. Many people bring fishing rods and everything else needed for fishing, well, in extreme cases, you can buy everything in Shatsk or Svityaz.
We should also mention the forest that stretches across the area. You can go there for a walk. There are many berries (strawberries, blackberries) in the forest that you can taste.